Finances - Cost and Giving


As Jesus teaches in the parable of the talents (Luke 19:12ff), all of us have been entrusted with resources that he wants us to use for His kingdom. All of those resources are His, and we are mere stewards. So how we view and use money is important to Jesus. That is why we are trying to make the Apprenticeship very affordable for church planters, and are looking for people who want to partner with us in training and sending cross-cultural church planters.

How much does the program cost?

Our goal is to make the Apprenticeship as affordable as possible so that church planters will come out of the program debt-free and so able to plant churches in areas marked by poverty. Therefore we are raising money to bring down the price of the Apprenticeship from it's already low cost of $4000 per year ($150/unit for the program itself). Those who are part of the Apprenticeship can raise support and they will be paid a salary of the money they raise. We are also providing low cost housing so single students can expect to pay around $350 per month (including utilities).

Give to the Apprenticeship

You can give to support individuals in the Apprenticeship, to the Apprenticeship as a whole, or to support future church plants that go out from the church.