Why study Hebrew and Greek?

Why do we learn Hebrew and Greek in the Apprenticeship?

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Looks Like

  • Interaction with the Teacher - By coming to the Apprenticeship, you have firsthand access to the teacher multiple times per week. He will check up on your progress in learning the languages, and be readily accessible for everything from a quick question, an extra lesson, to special tutoring.
  • Watch Lectures at your own pace - For every class there is a full lecture recorded that you can watch at your own pace, rewind or pause as needed so that you never miss anything that is said. These lectures are taught from a linguistic standpoint, emphasizing how the language works, so that you can understand what is going on in the language, rather than just rote memorizing forms of words.
  • Practice, practice, practice - Rather than learning the language by rote, staring at charts and not knowing if you really understand the forms as they appear in the Bible, we believe that practicing analyzing the words right from Scripture is the best way to learn the languages. Josh has written special programs designed to allow the student to practice analyzing words, giving immediate feedback to practice the skill we want to master, reading the text!