Resources for studying Hebrew and Greek


Joshua Grauman, director of the Apprenticeship program has created a number of computer programs for studying Hebrew, Greek, and the Bible. Take a look at

Study at your own pace Hebrew and Greek

Josh also created self-paced Hebrew and Greek courses for Eternity Bible College. So far these cover the first year of both Hebrew and Greek. All the videos, files, and resources to take these classes are available below. If you would like to take the class for credit see: Self-Paced Hebrew and Greek for credit at EBC. You will also need to purchase ScrollTag Trainer ($25) to get access to the computer program and workbook needed for the classes if you aren't taking the class at EBC or as part of the Apprenticeship.

Greek 1 Videos Greek 1 Files
Greek 2 Videos Greek 2 Files
Hebrew 1 Videos Hebrew 1 Files
Hebrew 2 Videos Hebrew 2 Files