Why study Biblical Theology?

Why do we spend so much time simply walking from Genesis to Revelation before teaching Systematic and Historical Theology?

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Looks Like

  • Classroom Discussion - Each week there will be around nine hours of core classroom time where we walk through the Bible, passage by passage. There will be a mix of monologue and dialogue in the class. The teacher will guide discussion, teach, and sometimes preach as the group thinks through the meaning of each passage in its context, what principles we learn from that message, and how it applies in our lives.
  • Personal Study of the Word - Before every class period students will read through the passage to be covered in class multiple times, and go through a series of study questions that are designed to guide the student into making good observations of the text. The goal is that the students will come prepared to class to discuss, ask good questions, make insightful contributions, and learn how to exegete Scripture on their own.
  • Flow of Thought of each Book - Students will also create analytical outlines of every book of the Bible, showing the flow of thought of the book and how individual passages fit into the message of the book as a whole. These outlines force students to understand both the big picture of each book of the Bible, as well as how the details fit into that big picture.
  • Other Assignments - Other assignments such as Scripture memory, paper writing, meditation, and interacting with unbelievers on various passages are assigned that are designed to help students think through and apply Scripture to their lives and to learn how to communicate it clearly to others.